About Us

And Are We Yet Alive

Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church has a rich, long history offering sanctuary to families in the city of Houston.

Just 18 short years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the historic Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863 a small band of determined believers came together to found Brown Chapel.

A group of ten people held an organizational meeting at the Francis Harper School located at the corner of Center and Court Streets on July 10, 1881. The proposed new church would serve the West End and Chaneyville communities, which later became known as the Sixth Ward. The congregation named the church in honor of the first pastor, the Rev. Louis Brown.

Brown is a caring congregation that welcomes all people. The congregation continues to minister to the social, spiritual and physical development of all people. Its Ministry to the Homeless provides food each month to Houston’s homeless.  The church has an active Women’s Missionary Society, YPD, Lay Organization, Children’s Church and Sunday School Department. In May 2001 Brown was selected as the site for a made-for-TV movie about the life of rapper M.C. Hammer.

To date twenty-nine ministers have served as pastor of this venerable institution. The Rev. Salatheia Bryant Honors was appointed pastor in November 2012, becoming the first female to lead the congregation.

Brown Chapel is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the oldest black denomination.